Law Office of Arvett G. Bradford, Esq. LLC.

Solo Pracitioner

  • Springfield, MA
  • April 1993- Present

Represents Clients in Divorce, Family, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation cases.

Specialized in the following:

  • Specialized Guardian ad Litem in Lead Paint Intoxication
  • State Intervention cases
  • Ceritifed as an Investigator & Guardian ad Litem in the following:
  • Custody
  • Vistitation
  • Delinquency
  • Guardianship disputes in Probate and Family Court
  • Educational Advocate

Hampden County Probate & Family Court

Family Service  Officer

  • Springfield, MA
  • 1984-1993

Negotiated disputes in between representated & unrepresentated litigants in all phases of divorce, paternity and guadianship litigation.

Assisted in drafting and filing separation agreements, modifications, contempt’s, and motions.

Conducted custody and visitation investigations and filed written reports.

Intergated community outreach and networking with city schools and other bodies to make known the services of trail courts.

Recieved professional training in family law, medication and counseling.

Key program Inc.

Out Reach Counselor

  • Springfield, MA
  • 1981-1982

Counselor in rehabilitation of court-involved youths.

Provided crisis intervention and indivudal family and group counseling.

Program spokesperson during court proceedings, school core evaluations, and implementstion of service plans.